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About Us

Our organization is based on providing our clients and vendors with an exceptional level of service, graciousness, and value. Our team brings top-notch technical skills, experienced staff and technicians to your event.

Our clients continue to utilize our services year after year. Why? It’s because we value their business, our mutual relationships and we work side by side with them to help build their success. 

We hope to earn your business.

Company owners Stefa and Vitas when they were children

Brother and sister team,
Co-owners Vitas and Stefa Normantas

Meet The Team

Headshot of Stefa Normantas

Stefa Normantas

Managing Partner

 Business owner--the Sister

Proud mom of four

Happily married to Texan

Gardener, Beekeeper, Beer fan

Headshot of Vitas Normantas

Vitas Normantas

Green Tree Electric, CEO

 Business owner--the Brother

Hard working Dad

McGyver problem solver

Headshot of Gregg Shapiro

Gregg Shapiro

VP, Business Development and Sales

Dad to Sabrina, sports enthusiast, mediocre weekend warrior

Headshot of Whitney Burdsall

Whitney Burdsall

Logistics Director

Dog mom, home chef, Halloween addict, gardener, cheese fanatic

Headshot of Sandie Jones

Sandie Jones

NEM Buyer Concierge

Best New Product Maven

 Quilter Extraordinaire

Headshot of Frank Freeman

Frank Freeman

Office Manager

Writer, Tolstoy fan

Happily married to a Lithuanian

Proud dad of four


Mia & Maddy

Junior Comedic Relief Agents

Expert nappers, tail waggers, professional beggars, wrestlers,

mediocre security guards


Linda Ruth

Marketing & Event Coordinator

Proud cat mommy, melomaniac, true crime aficionado, iced coffee addict, professional Virgo & all things Mexico.

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