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What To Consider

Oh The Details....!

aerial shot of tradeshow floor at New England Made Giftware & Specialty Food Show....

Green Tree Event Consultants works to help clients manage the hundreds of details essential to a successful event. Our internal checklists, databases and timelines keep all the details on track. 

Here are a few details to consider as you begin planning your event:

  • Objective of Event

  • What are the benchmarks for success?

  • Key stakeholders and committee/project managers to keep in loop

  • Style event (charity fundraiser, speaker, product promo, employee celebration, community service, combination, etc.)

  • Targeted audience

  • Attendance estimate

  • Proposed location

  • Project Date/ Day of week/Timing

  • Name of featured presenter, staff and or family member(s) scheduled to attend

  • Allocated resources (cash, labor, product coupons, direct product)

  • Food & Beverage costs

  • Other Costs: (facilities, AV, ushers, photographer, signage, printing, transportation, gifting, etc, if known)

  • Requested permits (parking, liquor, insurances)

  • Security needs

  • Publicity plan

  • Media targets (all radio, TV, print, electronic)

  • Onsite logistical needs and staffing

  • Post event surveying and analysis

Need help with your details? Contact us.
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